Monday, May 26, 2014

Towards new adventures

Hello people! I'm just going to stop feeling guilty that I'm not updating often enough. So I've added an Instagram widget to the side bar, where I am more active since I got a new phone. A phone that works properly. So excited (@^▽^@) You can follow me on Instagram if you want!

Now after my first year in school I can finally relax for couple days before I have to pack my things and move out. I'm going back to my home village for the summer and come back to Kuopio in autumn when the school starts again. My kitty is taken care of by my friend until I get a new apartment.
It's good to pack thing while it's raining outside. It would be sad to waste good weather staying inside. Luckily at the time my school ended, the weather was awesome and really really warm. But now it's raining. But who cares, rain makes it better for pple with allergies.

Have a nice time despite any kind of weather!