Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Silver bird

Hello people, how are you? I'm quite stressed myself. There is so much work to do at school and deadlines are coming closer. But luckily I still have time for most of the tasks. Now I thought that doing something else than school work it would do me good.

And as a follow-up for the previous post, here is some purhaces from the Hellocon.
bronze and silver bird from Rękami Stworzone
Finnish vintage blouse fom Hellocon fleamarket
hat from Hellocon fleamarket
That hat is so my color and style and everything

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Helsinki adventures

Hello people! The time between each updates seems to get little bit longer every time. It is funny that just now at school we were discussing about things that makes blog a good blog, and one thing was that you should be quite active... Which I'm not, sorry.

Helsinki Lolita Convention 2014

Last weekend was this Helsinki Lolita Convention (Hellocon) and I was attending there for the first time. My main point was to help at the flea market but I was also in the Brand versus Offband-show and in the Designer Fashion show. Which I really enjoyed. (´∀`)
I will show pictures later when I get them from somewhere. I had my camera with me but I managed to take only one single picture from the whole event, which is sad. Maybe next year I will only go there to watch the shows.

But I have a video to show you (but it's not mine) from the fashion show. You can notice me in all white outfit at the time when the music stops for too long time...

Designer Fashion Show

I have yet nothing else to show you and I didn't got much time to discover rest of Helsinki (maybe the title is little misleading), but I did find some cute stuff from Hellocon.
Oh. And. You can take me as a total yokel, but I like trams I just don't get it. And that weekend it was the first time that I used tram by myself. And it was terrifying but now I am one experience richer.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Untill next time~