Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jeffrey Campbell vs. Cloudberry Lady

I'm just gonna hop in to this mess what's going on about Jeffrey Campbell being accused of plagiarism. There is this Finnish brand called Cloudberry Lady, they make lolita clothes and accessories. They also make shoes and released bat design heels in 2013 as shown below. On the rigt you can see Cloudberry Lady's shoes, on the left Jeffrey Campbell's version.

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Cloudberry Lady shoes

Cloudberry Lady has two kind of variations from the shoes. Picture above you can see difference of the heel part.
I'm making this post I guess because I've heard some ppl say "what's the big deal, bats are very used theme". Weeeeell maybe, but not like this. You can see how much similarities there is between JC's and CL's shoes.

Let me show some examples with the same idea:

Peak Shane Battier shoe

Iron Fist 'Hellraiser'
Miss Bunny Bat shoes
AND SO ON..... But my point is JC could have made them a LITTLE BIT different rather than as obvious copies.

Also Cloudberry Lady has announced that they could have sold the design to JC if they just would have asked!
If you want the original bat shoes, send an e-mail to . You can choose the color and the material of the shoes and they will be made for your exact shoe size!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pretty strawberries

On Monday we visited my grandma and grandpa to help them a little. It was really nice weather to burn some branches and old hay. Boy did I smell awful afterward but on the bright side mosquitos didn't bother us at all in the smoke.
But now it's raining. A lot. Yesterday with my father, we managed to paint only a part of the front garden's porch. We were going to continue today but it's too moist air.

Grandma came to mind that they had many new strawberry seedlings and told me to take some with me which made me more than happy.
At my home, we don't have that kind of ground that they would come along by themselves. So I planted them to these baskets. Later I moved them under the roof that they wouldn't drown from the rain.

Hoooo... Soon it's Animecon in Kuopio and Kaoru Mori is there as a Guest of Honor! I really can't wait to see her and get her autograph! I remember when "Emma" was available on the stores, but I was too young to understand how good it was. Nowadays I've collected the Bride's Story series.
See you there! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daily outfit and some other things~

Hello guys, how has your summer started? I've been doing some work and after couple weeks I get a chance to set up an art exhibition. And since I've been working the house is a mess. Well mostly my room is a total mess because of my stuff from Kuopio. This weekend I have to organize things and be effective!
hat, bag: vintage
blouse, belt: second hand
dress: made by me
shoes: dinsko

Today we went to Ikea looking for some furnitures for my mother since she's going to move to Jyväskylä. To study. And some things for myself, but I didn't buy much.
We also went to På Gränsen but we didn't spend much time there. Earlier I noticed that there is Finland's largest Punnitse ja Säästä. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Bracelet I made some time ago.

Finally I bought zippers for my sewing project. I've had these fabrics for a while but I just couldn't find the time to do them. After the weekend I'm going to finish my designs. And I hope I remember to post about them! ( ´∀`)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Towards new adventures

Hello people! I'm just going to stop feeling guilty that I'm not updating often enough. So I've added an Instagram widget to the side bar, where I am more active since I got a new phone. A phone that works properly. So excited (@^▽^@) You can follow me on Instagram if you want!

Now after my first year in school I can finally relax for couple days before I have to pack my things and move out. I'm going back to my home village for the summer and come back to Kuopio in autumn when the school starts again. My kitty is taken care of by my friend until I get a new apartment.
It's good to pack thing while it's raining outside. It would be sad to waste good weather staying inside. Luckily at the time my school ended, the weather was awesome and really really warm. But now it's raining. But who cares, rain makes it better for pple with allergies.

Have a nice time despite any kind of weather!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New things & Hellocon photos

Hi guys! My life is quite boring right now, I hope yours is more exciting. For few weeks the weather has been something between winter and spring. There is no snow but nothing is blooming yet and it's been cold. And since there isn't snow, I've gone to school by bicycle. Nothing fancy on the clothing side.

 I haven't spent much money on clothes and such, but some findings on sales and necessities.
These heels I bought either on February or last month from Dinsko. They were last pair, just the right size and cost something about ten euros.
Material is suede which doesen't bother me even though people ask how I can wear leather shoes, bags etc. if I am vegetarian. My current and only ones winter boots are real leather and when it comes to shoes, I won't bargain about the quality. Especially when I have to walk whit them. A lot.

But these ones aren't real leather. I found these from Bik Bok. For the first time I saw them at the sopping center Matkus in Kuopio but there wasn't size for me so that's it. But last holidays I went home to Lapland and visited Rovaniemi. There was new Bik Bok store and I got excited that maybe they would have my size. And they did. (●⌒∇⌒●) For half price and they come in good use after my former shoes (much like these) are worn out. Remember these?

Soooo fancy details!
The second time I ordered BB Cream from ebay. The best thing ever! It's good especially for my skin after I have couperosa skin.
Aaaand also we have a cat. He is about 7-moths-old and very energetic. He likes to take a nap on lap, is very comfy with new people and is quite brave. He also likes to bite wires and run on the tables even if he is told not to. His name is Kinuski (butterscotch in finnish. I think). (≧∇≦)
Hi! I'm a kitty cat.

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

Finally some photos from my Hellocon outfits! These are official pictures by Miikka Pihlajamäki.

: Alchemy Gothic, H&M
bracelets: Romeo & Julia, H&M
necklace: Romeo & Julia

blouse & dress:
Innocent World
Outfit for the fashion designer show.
Dress by Baroque.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Silver bird

Hello people, how are you? I'm quite stressed myself. There is so much work to do at school and deadlines are coming closer. But luckily I still have time for most of the tasks. Now I thought that doing something else than school work it would do me good.

And as a follow-up for the previous post, here is some purhaces from the Hellocon.
bronze and silver bird from Rękami Stworzone
Finnish vintage blouse fom Hellocon fleamarket
hat from Hellocon fleamarket
That hat is so my color and style and everything

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Helsinki adventures

Hello people! The time between each updates seems to get little bit longer every time. It is funny that just now at school we were discussing about things that makes blog a good blog, and one thing was that you should be quite active... Which I'm not, sorry.

Helsinki Lolita Convention 2014

Last weekend was this Helsinki Lolita Convention (Hellocon) and I was attending there for the first time. My main point was to help at the flea market but I was also in the Brand versus Offband-show and in the Designer Fashion show. Which I really enjoyed. (´∀`)
I will show pictures later when I get them from somewhere. I had my camera with me but I managed to take only one single picture from the whole event, which is sad. Maybe next year I will only go there to watch the shows.

But I have a video to show you (but it's not mine) from the fashion show. You can notice me in all white outfit at the time when the music stops for too long time...

Designer Fashion Show

I have yet nothing else to show you and I didn't got much time to discover rest of Helsinki (maybe the title is little misleading), but I did find some cute stuff from Hellocon.
Oh. And. You can take me as a total yokel, but I like trams I just don't get it. And that weekend it was the first time that I used tram by myself. And it was terrifying but now I am one experience richer.ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Untill next time~