Friday, November 11, 2011

halloween, candles & enchanting inspiration

On some recent days I've been lazy with my outfits, and I've only tossed something to wear (but some of them have been quite unusual in my 'normal' clothing, but I haven't took any pics from them). And I think it's kinda late to do a Halloween post anymore. (∩_∩;)
We did have a parties with couple of friends, but nothing special. Same as every year and still as fan as always !
We played Party Alias, poker and Twister, went to sauna and for a walk in the middle of night. That was kinda creepy experience.

Last weekend I was at Ivalo for the church on Saturday. I don't know if there's a name for the specific happening at the church, but here we go on All Hallows' Day to church and light a candle for the member of the family who has died during the past year between All Hallows' Days. Did I explain it difficulty?
Anyways. Granny's name was were read and we lighted a candle for her in front of the altar.
At that moment I really missed her. I actually can't still realize that there's anymore no grandma, her buns or her meatballs (even though I'm vegetarian).
Candles has also been burning in my room. I haven't used lamps for a while now (because some of my chandelier's lamps has burned and I haven't found same kind of light bulb to replace them, as the three others).

But, you know what? I'm totally madly in love with Foals' music. Indie rock band from Oxford. I know what I'll wish from Santa.
And you know what else? There's still no snow here. In friggin Lapland. Tourism industry suffers badly from it. Levi's alpine ski world cup was canceled from lack of the snow.
I'm afraid, 'cause the winter is "late", in the spring the snow won't go away even before Midsummer.

So here's some inspiration photos for the dark nights of November.

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every picture is from tumblr unless otherwise is mentioned
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