Sunday, November 27, 2011


Another exam week's going through right now. I've only English and France tests left. Bonjour, je m'appelle Rosalia, j'habite à La Finlande et ainsi de suite. Lol, can't speak really well.

Anyways. It has been raining snow ! Since yesterday and I was actually quite surprised how happy I was at that time. I honestly hate winter, but winter rather with snow, than without.
I know I should be reading for the exams, but I got this crazy inspiration to do my kuvataidediplomi (kinda like Arts diploma, don't know the right name for it). Whole day I've been in the garage and honing the bones what dad brought from hunting trip this autumn.

I'm using moose horns for the actual jewelry what I'm making. I also got moose teeth which from I'm gonna make earrings. I think they look quite beautiful.

The moose theet

To hone the horns, I'm using belt sander which is pretty easy to use. It's dusty job. My clothes was all covered in dust and smell was just awful so I kept respirator on my face.

The white bone in the middle is elk's bone.

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

On Tuesday me and my friend went to Rovaniemi, 'cause we had a holiday on that day. Our intention was to go to as many flea-markets as possible and managed in that. Besides flea-markets we  also went to the normal stores like Seppälä, Gina Tricot etc.
I'm happy noticing that I'm not interested anymore in the normal store's clothing. My garment shopping "madness" is dropping down. I think I've enough clothes, actually too much and I try to invent what to do to the ones that I don't use anymore. I try to benefit from the by recycling them somehow.
Maybe I do panties from them like they did in the PS. show lol. :---D

Anyways. These things I found.
In the pic under is working spray bottle.

From Varastotien Kirppis at Rovaniemi. 2 €.
God I love these boots. Also from Varastotien Kirppis.

Lace tubescarf. From Tuhat Tori at Rovaniemi.
Days after that long trip (we woke up like at 6 a.m. that there wouldn't be many cars on their way and went home late in the evening) I could not care less about make-up, hair or clothes. I've been really tired this whole end of the week and have been sleeping and reading for the tests.

So so natural. omg.
Before Father's Day I was painting in the light of the candles and listened to Oddarrang. It was quite nice.

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