Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lolita Wish list & thoughts of Lolita

Tomorrow is my native language test and I've read (I really have), but now I'm taking a brake. @.@
I though that I could do a little list of the favorite dresses in lolita

Wish List

BABY's A Midsummer Night's Dream Print JSK II

This is the very first must-have-someday-dress in my list. The print is absolutely beautiful with the windows and butterflies. In my opinion it's gothic (with the right coord) but the print makes it delicate.
I really regret the time when it came out, but I was hesitating of buying it. I wish Baby would reproduce it or that I could buy it from someone.

IW's Beatrice JSK (long ver.)

Actually at first I didn't care for it, but later (when it was already in sale) I started to love it, and tried to order it (in ivory, long version) but then I received mail from Innocent World and they said it was already sold out.
But at least this time I didn't hesitate of buying it. Still it was a pity.
I liked the longer version more because the print looked better in it. In the short ver. it looks like the fabric wasn't enough.

Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story Switching JSK

There's something crazy in this print. Even though the print's theme is sweet, the top balances it with the golden laces (Idk what they're called) and in this color the dress won't appear as sweet as it would look e.g. in pink. Also the fact that the top doesn't print on it controls the ensemble a bit.

BABY's Name of the Rose Print Ribbon JSK

This I saw much later in KERA or Gothic & Lolita Bible in truly pretty coord, than it was produced by BABY. The colors red, navy and white matches very well with each others and the print isn't too heavy or tortuous. In this dress I also like that the shoulder traps isn't just sewed on the top but they're in the original pattern. You know what I mean?

Juliette et Justine's La Éclairer du Croix Robe

I guess I could say this old school lolita.
Red is my color. To say the truth I don't like at all the common gothic color blackxblue. In my head, red is more gothic than blue, maybe 'cause it reminds me of blood and dark red roses.
Velvet which have been used as the fabric doesn't look cheap but elegant, especially with the length of the skirt-part. The golden print on it brings something elegant and mature. Even though there's a cross and Jesus(?) in it, it doesn't bother me.

Which brings my mind the fact that Japanese lolita-brands uses a lot of Christian themes, like crosses and maybe more specifically Catholic symbols (especially Moitie & Atelier Boz). But this is just my opinion, so if someone thinks otherwise, please let me know.
As an Evangelical Lutheran myself (not actually religious, more like an agnostic), to me they are very beautiful, because in our religion, there's no as much art or glory as in Catholic.
Okay this is already over the subject, but I thought, as someone else did in loli-secrets, that is there really room for atheism in gothic lolita? To many e.g. crosses can only be accessories, but what if someone is against the thought that they would wear something religious if they don't believe in the concept of god, if they still wants to wear gothic lolita.
Of course they still can be gothic lolitas without the religious themes, but what if they want to wear Moitie or some other brand, but they're against the thing that they have religious themes in them. And I'm just playing with the thought.
Well then, what might the other think about the fact that we (in gothic lolita) use these crosses or wear dresses with pictures of cathedral or cross with Jesus on it?

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