Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hat accessory

Couple days ago I made a hat accessory, after having a huge inspiration from Victorian- and Edwardian-styled hats.
I made it removable that I could take it off (of course) or to add it on some other hat.
(But I have to figure out what kind of attachment would be good on it. Like pin, safety pin or what.)

The feathers are surely of a female black grouse.
All the feathers are picked up from nature, or somewhere else. Any birds have not been killed for just to get the feathers.

This is from a ring that got broken now some time ago. It has only been waiting the time to get used on something.

These I used: 1. Very thin tulle for the, 2. feathers of course, 3. scissors, 4. string & needle, 5. glue.
One that is not in the photo and what I used, was a straightener. The feathers are bended with it. But you should be careful not to heat them too much and you must bend them one section at time, because they'll look square if you won't.
For the base I used thick felt (also not in the photo), which on I glued the feathers and left it try for a night.  After this I sewed the tulle on it by hand and for last I added the jewelry (also not in the photo) on.

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