Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decor-thingy & black outfit

Yesterday I was out on town with my mom and time to time I've gotten more courage to wear lolita on town. I'm careful because it's a small place and you won't never know what will happen.  Some guys at my home village are already used to days when I'm dressed up in lolita/gyaru/mori.
But night before that, I slept so badly that I was so freaking tired at town.()´д`()
Anyways. I bought some make-up, new headphones and art & crafts things.
Here's the outfit.

shirt: gina tricot
skirt: bodyline
bag, cloves: vintage from 70's
heels: belt: flea-market
necklace: giveaway prize by HajaMiel

But what do you think? Is this lolita/-ish enough?

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

Guess what has gotten on my wall?

Don't shock.

This reindeer's end of story I don't know, but my friend found the skull ones in the forest. She brought it to me last summer and last weekend I cleaned it.
I used mix of chlorite and water to brush and wash it. Then rinsed it with water and left it dry overnight.
Then it got hanging on my wall.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hat accessory

Couple days ago I made a hat accessory, after having a huge inspiration from Victorian- and Edwardian-styled hats.
I made it removable that I could take it off (of course) or to add it on some other hat.
(But I have to figure out what kind of attachment would be good on it. Like pin, safety pin or what.)

The feathers are surely of a female black grouse.
All the feathers are picked up from nature, or somewhere else. Any birds have not been killed for just to get the feathers.

This is from a ring that got broken now some time ago. It has only been waiting the time to get used on something.

These I used: 1. Very thin tulle for the, 2. feathers of course, 3. scissors, 4. string & needle, 5. glue.
One that is not in the photo and what I used, was a straightener. The feathers are bended with it. But you should be careful not to heat them too much and you must bend them one section at time, because they'll look square if you won't.
For the base I used thick felt (also not in the photo), which on I glued the feathers and left it try for a night.  After this I sewed the tulle on it by hand and for last I added the jewelry (also not in the photo) on.

Monday, September 12, 2011

no mushrooms (;へ:)

Joo. Kävimä siis äidin kanssa mettässä, eikä löytyny sienen sientä (paitsi kaks!) vaikka etittiin sieltä, missä karvarouskujen pitäis kasvaa. Ja se etsiminen tarkoittaa sitä, että mentiin jotain vanhaa rämästä  hirvenmettästysporukoitten  tietä ylemmäs vaaraan, jossa ei ollu mitään mahollisia kääntymispaikkoja autoille, paitsi muutama levikki, jolla sitte oliki karsee sorakasa, että niitäki piti ajaessa väistää. Miehet truly, mikä järki??
Aanyways. Ei kuitenkaan lähdetty ihan tyhjin käsin~!  ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
Poimittiin sen sijaan puolukoita, jokka oli isoja pullukoita ja tummanpunasia, tasan litran verran, myöhemmin kun mitattiin. Niistä saiki sellasen lappapuuron verran, josta tuliki jännän kuohkea ku oli tuoreet marjat käytössä. Ja oli muuten hyvää. (≧∀≦)

Tätä ku muuten kirjotan nii ulkona myrskyää. Alan olla kyllästyny siihen, kun kokoajan vain sattaa, eikä aurinko paista paljon pskaakaan. Mihinkään ei huvita mennä, eikä täällä kyllä olis mitään tekemistäkään. (jep, siitä valitusta, ettei maalaiskylissä ole elämää).
Ootan vain, että koulu vain loppuis ja pääsisin opiskelemaan jonnekkin ja jotaki, mistä oikeasti tykkään!

• Yesterday me & mom couldn't find mushrooms (except two!), even though we searched from the places where they should grow.
• But we did find cowberries as much as liter. They were so fat and red! We made whipped lingonberry porridge from some of them. And it was so good~
• It raining again. Outside there's like a storm - again. For the weekend the weather was good, but the tidings are saying that for this week it's gonna rain all day and night.
I sick of the thing that it's always raining and in this little village there's nothing to do. I'm really expecting the time when I can move to somewhere else. To a big city or something and that I could finally study something that I really like! (−_−)But until that I still have to wait for few months.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mushrooms & Moomins

This morning when I woke up, there was Moomins going on the TV but I disappointed because it was dubbed in Swedish. (*≧▽≦) Of course because it came from FST.
But aynways, I heard that
Annyeong Party would be held on the 29th of October whit a masquerade-theme. Wow, it's near Halloween.
I really try to get there, but it depends if I've exams or somewhat at that time. . .
Random things from the past week:
I tried something new and it was chickpea-couscous-salad (with tomato, pepper, jalapeno and cucumber on it). For a surprise the couscous was good after I spiced it, because the first time I tasted it, there was no spices or anything and the taste was just yucky.

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙
Umm. It was Friday if I remember correctly when mom saw a few woolly milk-cap and we went to pick them up. When mom was young, they used to collect them and granny would fry them with butter and onions.
I did the same yesterday, but on Friday I had to blanch them first for a 10-15 minutes, so that the little toxicity would fade away.
And lol I forgot to take a pic from the result when they were in my food.
\( ̄▽ ̄;)/
cleaning them
after blanching you have to rinse them with cold water
˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Here's also a pic from an outfit I wore yesterday. I decided to wear gyaru this time and thought that maybe I could post the coord to Everyday Gyaru, but to say the truth I'm afraid that some might make a mean secret to gyaru-secrets and say how horrible my style is or how ugly I am.
I know I shouldn't care about it, but I hate it how easily they just can berate others, even if they have amazing style. And they don't even say sorry that they have that kind of opinion from someone's style. U know what I'm saying? There's so much hate in the gyaru community.

blouse, skirt, beret: second hand
stockings: lindex
I got feedback that I should smile more, but I think I just look dull with a smile. (≧ω≦)   I also should get circle-lenses. I've had to get them for a long time now, but I still haven't managed to order them. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

 But bye for now! I'm off to pick more mushrooms~!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lolita Wish list & thoughts of Lolita

Tomorrow is my native language test and I've read (I really have), but now I'm taking a brake. @.@
I though that I could do a little list of the favorite dresses in lolita

Wish List

BABY's A Midsummer Night's Dream Print JSK II

This is the very first must-have-someday-dress in my list. The print is absolutely beautiful with the windows and butterflies. In my opinion it's gothic (with the right coord) but the print makes it delicate.
I really regret the time when it came out, but I was hesitating of buying it. I wish Baby would reproduce it or that I could buy it from someone.

IW's Beatrice JSK (long ver.)

Actually at first I didn't care for it, but later (when it was already in sale) I started to love it, and tried to order it (in ivory, long version) but then I received mail from Innocent World and they said it was already sold out.
But at least this time I didn't hesitate of buying it. Still it was a pity.
I liked the longer version more because the print looked better in it. In the short ver. it looks like the fabric wasn't enough.

Angelic Pretty's Holy Night Story Switching JSK

There's something crazy in this print. Even though the print's theme is sweet, the top balances it with the golden laces (Idk what they're called) and in this color the dress won't appear as sweet as it would look e.g. in pink. Also the fact that the top doesn't print on it controls the ensemble a bit.

BABY's Name of the Rose Print Ribbon JSK

This I saw much later in KERA or Gothic & Lolita Bible in truly pretty coord, than it was produced by BABY. The colors red, navy and white matches very well with each others and the print isn't too heavy or tortuous. In this dress I also like that the shoulder traps isn't just sewed on the top but they're in the original pattern. You know what I mean?

Juliette et Justine's La Éclairer du Croix Robe

I guess I could say this old school lolita.
Red is my color. To say the truth I don't like at all the common gothic color blackxblue. In my head, red is more gothic than blue, maybe 'cause it reminds me of blood and dark red roses.
Velvet which have been used as the fabric doesn't look cheap but elegant, especially with the length of the skirt-part. The golden print on it brings something elegant and mature. Even though there's a cross and Jesus(?) in it, it doesn't bother me.

Which brings my mind the fact that Japanese lolita-brands uses a lot of Christian themes, like crosses and maybe more specifically Catholic symbols (especially Moitie & Atelier Boz). But this is just my opinion, so if someone thinks otherwise, please let me know.
As an Evangelical Lutheran myself (not actually religious, more like an agnostic), to me they are very beautiful, because in our religion, there's no as much art or glory as in Catholic.
Okay this is already over the subject, but I thought, as someone else did in loli-secrets, that is there really room for atheism in gothic lolita? To many e.g. crosses can only be accessories, but what if someone is against the thought that they would wear something religious if they don't believe in the concept of god, if they still wants to wear gothic lolita.
Of course they still can be gothic lolitas without the religious themes, but what if they want to wear Moitie or some other brand, but they're against the thing that they have religious themes in them. And I'm just playing with the thought.
Well then, what might the other think about the fact that we (in gothic lolita) use these crosses or wear dresses with pictures of cathedral or cross with Jesus on it?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pastel Raindrops ♪ Giveaway

Something awesome~! Click the pic to find to her blog.
Rilakkuma headphones, eyemazing harajuku doll lashes, eyecandy lenses and more~♪

Friday, September 2, 2011

little changes & stuff

Jos joku tarkkasilmänen on huomannu (näin lyhyessä ajassa ku hetki sitte muokkasin) että jotain on tapahtunu blogin ulkokuoressa. Noh, ei ole mitään sen suurempaa, kun tekstin otsikko on vaihtanu paikkaansa keskelle ja saanu taustakuvan, sekä joitain värimuutoksia muuaalla blogissa.

Arvakkaa, meillä on kyllä ollu pirun hauskaa tuolla lukion puolella. Remontti meneillään, ovet & ikkunat auki 24/7, likakaivo vuotaa ja kamala meteli.
Juttu on se, että täälläpäin alakoulun ja yläkoulun välissä on kylätie, lukio & kauppis on samalla puolen kuin yläkoulu, mutta omana rakennuksenaan (vaikka meillä onki sekasin tunteja yläkoulun puolela) ja suunnitelmissa on vaihtaa meidät (=lue amis ja lukio) mentäisiin alakoulun tiloihin tien toiselle puolelle ja pikkuset (mukaanlukien eskarit) tulis sitten meidän silloin entisiin tiloihin. Joka on minusta ihan prkleen paska idea, mutta eipähän tartte kauan sitä kestää.
Noh, lukion rakennuksen viereen ollaan rakentamassa uutta keskuskeittiötä, siksi siis remontti, ihan yläkerrassa ikkunan vieressä melkeinpä.
Edellisellä viikolla oli hiiiieman kylmä kun alakerrassa olivat ulko-ovet auki. Ja taisko se olla keskiviikko kun sitte likakaivo vuosi ja koko rakennuksessa hais suoraansanoen paska. Tuntuu tyhmältä puhua rumasti blogissa. :----D
Muuutta eniweis. Viikonloppu alko! Ja se tietää ei mitään minun elämässä. Ehkä joilleki jotain juhlia, menoja tai muuta ohjelmaa, mutta minä varmaan jumitan kotona joko maalaamassa (johon olen yhtäkkiä saanut inspiraation), dataamassa tai vedän jonku Suomen sotaelokuva-maratonin (lukuunottamatta Tuntematonta sotilasta).

On myös pari asua mitkä haluaisin teille näyttää, ensimmäinen on tosin jo kokeiltu kesälomalla, mutta toinen on sitten kouluviikolta.

Oh god what staring----
Hair of the outfit above.
School outfit.

Eeeeipä muuta.
Eikun joo! Olisko teillä harvoilla lukijoilla jotain toiveita, mistä voisin tehä postauksia? Jotku ehotukset olis arvostettuja~ enkä tuu saamaan yhtään kommenttia :--D

• I've changed few things in my blog, for example text title has moved to the center and I put a background to it, also I made some color changes.
• There's is going on a renovation in my secondary high school 'cause they're building a new head-kitchen right next to it. Also there've been really cold, 'cause the workers are keeping the outdoors open all the time and one day the cesspool leaked - the whole school smelled like shit. Seriously.
• The weekend has started and for me, it means sitting home and doing nothing. Here we don't party or do anything, 'cause there's no anything to do. Maybe I'll paint or watch all Finnish war movies.
• The first outfit photo is from summer vacation and the second one is from school. Just wanted to show them.
But! Do u guys have any wishes what kind of post I should do?  I'd like to get somewhat suggestions~ and I guess I won't have any comments :----D