Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things from past weeks

Firstly I want to start from last Sunday. It was my 18th b-day. O(≧▽≦)O Yup. I'm an adult now!
I had little parties w/ couple of my friends at my home. Later we went to my friend's house to stay overnight.

I took the rights to show this pic 'cause no one had stupid faces.

self made cake♥ 
These are some of the presents that I got.
white rutabaga, beetroot, carrots, peas

something that always cheers you up
I also got dark ginger-chocolate, two kind of tea. Mom also brought me flowers like every year.

~.:. ☆ .:.~

And then, what I found from Oulu.
mid-season jacket for lolita. (notice the ribbon-pockets) from Vila

With those I bought crucifix with white pearls, little birds for decorating a hat and high-waisted jeans (actually the jeans I bought from Rovaniemi).
Umm. I guess that's it.
Oh, but! By the way. The giveaway  by Milkshake Machine, which I joined in some time ago. I won it~! ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪
I'm not sure if the award has already reached my home, 'cause I'm far from there.
I'm visiting last time my granny's house here in Ivalo. Today are the last clean ups, we'll take the last things from here with us and later today we are going to go home.
It's actually really sad to be here one last time. It's sure, that I'm gonna miss this place.


  1. Oooo~ Paljon onnea näin viikko jälkikäteen :D

  2. Yks juttu muuten! Sulla ei ole tunnisteet-widgetiä kummassakaan sivupalkissa. Huomasin vaan ku aloin ettiä paria musiikkivideota, jotka löysin alun perin täältä blogistasi ja aattelin että oot varmaan laittanut kys. postaukseen jonku kategorian :D

  3. Hahhi: Kiitti kiitti~

    Nath: En ole vielä kertaakaan kokenu tarvetta laittaa tageja esille, mutta nytpä on asia korjattu.( ´∀`)