Sunday, July 31, 2011

The moment when sewingbug bites you, but then you notice that you don't have the materials.

I'm going to write this whole thing in English so please forgive me everything illogical things what might appear.

You  also  might sense the bittersweet taste of my irritament.

Sometimes there are days when I see something which inspires me, were they clothes, accessories or lifestyle things and I want to make them. I start to design 'it' to the form that pleases my aesthetic eye and then I realise: I don't have any kind of materials for it.

Oh, it would be so easy if I could just walk to the nearest fabric shop and buy the fabric which is from my dreams, but actually it's not like that at all. The nearest store is about 170 kilometers away and the assortment is rather small.

This is one of the reasons why I want to move southern. In here Lapland, it's hard to get fabric, lace, buttons, ribbons or even materials for crafts. Except there are a local craft shop, which sells books and toys, but they sell only few things for craft like glue, glitter and carton.

If I want to sew something, usually I always have to wait until I get to go to the town and have to satisfy to that what I'll get from there, which includes the material if it's cotton or polyester, color and pattern. Sometimes I won't even find the right one and I just have to forget the whole sewing project for the moment.

I also have to think carefully when I choose the fabric, if I only like it in 90% I know I won't wear it when it's in the shape of clothing.

But if I do find the fight fabric, then it's time to find a good lace which is the hardest part. Especially black lace it hard to find that would be pretty, good quality (I prefer venetian lace) and the right width.

One option would be to order from Internet, e.g. from Etsy or somewhere else, but it is hard. The screen of computer can falsify the color of the item and if the seller/company is outside of Europe, then the customs will inherit a payment from it. And the seller can always be an imposter.

Especially now I've been really annoyed because the fact that I can't sew a bonnet, because I don't have e.g. lace and plastic bones (which they use in corsets) to keep the shape of the brim.

And now I have two options: I wait until I go to a bigger town, or I make an order to somewhat netshop.

Also there's always the chance that I won't even find these things that I need.
Then I just give a big sigh and keep on dreaming about the day, when I finally will get the chance to sew.

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  1. I know how you feel- even though I live in a decent sized city I still have a hard time finding nice fabric. Most people who sew these days only seem to make quilts or curtains so there isn't a lot of good fashion fabric available. Mostly I just order online, but you never really know what fabric is like until you see it and feel it in person.