Tuesday, June 14, 2011


WARNING! Lots of pictures!
Today I'm bored and I want to show you these pics of different styles that inspire me.
I've noticed that during few months backward, more girly styles has taken over me. I'm more girly than ever. I think. (;≧∇≦)
Hope you enjoy~

I love the eyelashes and the whole eye make-up ! I guess those were it that made me interested in the fashion.
I don't care about the categories that much, and I like
mostly every looks: girly and mature styled gyaru, except agejo-thing, sorry.
My idols are inter alia
Kumiko Funayama, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kurumi Hanji and Rui Kotobuki.
Here's some pics

still like the black and dark

Gothic Lolita & Aristocrat-sytle:
I see gothic lolita rather elegant, mature and and very festive style. I still use lolita clothes in parties or fancy occasions, mostly because is no good to wear the clothes here, where I live (yes, again this babling). I wait moving to bigger city so I can wear this beautiful style as an everyday outfit, or when I'm in "the mood".
I use other lolitas, not models or such, as my inspirations. Especially
Halktia, Mimi Elizabetha, Rosa Nitida and Siriusc. Oh but ! Manamu is one of my idols too !
And pictures

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  1. ooh, kaikkia ihania tyylejä! c:
    toi tummempi gyaru-tyyli näyttää tosi siistiltä :o