Monday, June 20, 2011

Gyaru meet up in Oulu☆

I'm little bit late, 'cause this meet up was already on Thursday ! So sorry about that. (∩_∩;)
Anyways, Carita organized this great meet up at funfair, where we went to Ferris wheel and ghost train (whoo spooky), bought some candy, ice cream and cotton candy. I had so much fun, 'cause this was my first (gyaru) meetup~!
I don't know what to tell you guys more, let the pics talk~
Oh btw, you can see the new violet shirt, that I bought from KappAhl. Later more about that.

This high up ! 
Kata & Carita

Pringles mustache ♥

whole group
After this Kata had to go and Biri, Emppu, Carita and me remained.
ghost train !

I tried to win playboy bunny (x'3) but I wasn't lucky as Biri, who won a SpongeBob SquarePants.

don't I look wise

me, Emppu & Biri

Carita, Emppu & Biri

Heading home. We were waiting for rides to home and sat outside the fanfair.
I've been so so busy, that I haven't had time to uptade, sorry. I've went to flea-markets and found some nice things, what I'll show you in the next post. And that I'll be doing... maybe tomorrow or on Wednesday.
On Thursday or Friday I'll be going home, via På Gransen- shopping center and IKEA.
So bye for now~

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  1. Sori kun olen vähän jäljessä niiden kuvien kanssa, mutta mun netti on vähän alkanut reistailla joten se on hankaloittanut asioita.

    Mihinkäs mä ne muuten laitan? hahha