Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flea-market founds

Hei ! Ekana haluan kertoa kuinka koko Oulun reissu on ollu elämyksiä täynnä ! Olen mm. käyny autoa pesemässä, että itte istunu sisällä. Olen leiponu keksejä ja ensimmäisen satsin paistuttua ku paiskasin toisen erän uuniin, samaa leivinpaperia oleva alusta leimahti liekkeihin, eikä lämpötiloja tms. muutettu sitä ennen. Eikä ollu ees kuuma uuni, kuin 175 asteinen !

Hello ! Firstly I wanna tell you how this Oulu trip has been quite an adventure ! I've inter alia been in a car while it was cleaned in a car wash. I've baked  cookies in two tin plates, after the first plate the second's cooking paper burned. Even when it was same kind of paper as the first one and I didn't change the heat of the oven or anything ! 

Mutta kuitenki, tästä kirpparikierroksesta. Eli nyt olen saanu kuvatki muokattua... olen muokannu jo näitä ainaki puoltoista tuntia ja haluttais nukkumaan, mutta ajattelin nyt tehä tämän pois alta. (´ω`*)
Lauantaina kävin kaupungilla, Järkikirppiksellä (sijaitsee Kärkkäisen vieressä) ja Second Hand Storessa (keskustassa), sunnuntaina sitte taasen Paljekirppiksellä (joka oli jossain...).

But anyways, about my flea-market maraton. Now I've finished editing the photos, after hour and a half and now I would like to go to sleep. But I'll do this first. (´ω`*)
On Saturday I went to town, Järki flea-market (which is next to Kärkkäinen), and Second Hand Shop (in center). Sunday I went to Paljea flea-market (which was somewhere...).

from Second Hand Store 2,50 €

For a while now I haven't found anything more lolita-ish blouse (or anything else) as this ! I totally love it ! The lace under the collar is transparent and it's almost perfect. It's sadly little too loose but maybe I could diminish it.
from Second Hand Store 0,50 €

Also transparent. Little polka dots makes it really 50's style. I'm pretty amazed that this colored shirt would ever catch my interest. After all year or two backwards I was into everything black and punk. Actually I still am, but my interest has turned into gothic lolita.
from Palje feal-market 15 €

Second heels of my life ! The old ones are like. . . four-years-old ! They're very easy to walk with.

from Järki flea-market 10 €

Did I say something about the punky style that I don't like it that much anymore? Just forget about that ! This 
was quite a discovery. I wasn't that sure at first, but I warmed up for it in the end. I can imagine really gothic or rock styled gyaru. What'd you think?

They were the f-m things. These are just random stuff that I bought, needed it, or not. (≧∇≦)
random market 9,90 €

Finally a good calendar. I find it much clearer when the weeks are on one spread and days goes down like these. Sorry lol had to put my birthday there. 
random market 6,95 €

Can't find words good enough. It's useful and it's cute. I'll strap my keys there, sometimes maybe phone too if I need to. 

from KappAhl 14 €

This is the shirt what I mentioned before. I found an old sale-coupon from my wallet to KappAhl while ago, which gave 25% of from every normal priced product, and I saw this shirt earlier in the store, which was must to get. It brings my mind pirates.\(○^ω^○)/ Maybe I'll use it next halloween with lolita. I'll be pirate-loli then~!
it was raining so heavily
It has been an awful day today ! It has rained pretty much the whole day, except now the sky is clear.
Well, anyways. Tomorrow I'll start backing and soon will be going back home.

I will post more then, or maybe not until in Ivalo. While after Midsummer I'll head there and won't come back from there for a week at least.
I'm of to sleep, so bye !


  1. Tuo eka paita ja nuo kengät ja tuo hame, vau! Upeita löytöjä. *kateellinen kun joku pääsee jonnekin tyyliin Ouluunkin asti shoppailemaan*

  2. Carita sanoi että onkin jo antanut kaikki kuvat sulle photobucketin kautta, joten eipä mulla ole sitten muita kuvia haha :)

  3. paljekirppis on höyhtyällä :D