Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About the last few days☆

Hyvää kesäpäivää kaikille !  On ollu ihmeen lämmintä nämä pari päivää. Alkaa ihan epäilyttämään että onkohan tämän kesän helteet sitte tässä. (・ω・、) Vai onko joku ollu nyt jo niin huono-onninen, että ei ole aurinkoa vielä nähnykkään?
Tuntuu vähän kummalliselta yhtäkkinen helle ku on monta kuukautta lunta takana ja keholla ja mielelläki menee vielä hetki ennen ku tähän ees tottuu.
Mutta ! Kuvathan aina kertoo enemmän kuin sanat, niin näytänpä menneen viikon kuvina. ☆

Good sunny day everyone ! It have been amazingly warm these last couple days. I wonder if they'll be only ones for this summer. (・ω・、)
The hot weather feels really funny after the long winter and it also takes time when the body and mind gets used to this.
But ! I'll show you few pictures from thing I've done past days. Pictures tell more than words, right?

Drinking tea from pretty teacup.

Crooked house in Ivalo.

Siro-dog at Alajärvi.

I'm surprised that I could took this good picture from Siro. She normally is always moving around like hell.

Hand-made bracelet bought from Russian lady.

Simple nails for summer.

At home there was a nice surprise. My cactus is blooming after two years.

Stuffed red peppers.
Day after yesterday we barbequed, but as an vegetarian I ate tofu, red peppers, zucchini and tuna (I still eat fish like salmon and tuna fish). I made four with different fillings, in all four there was garlic tasted creme bonjour and tuna fish, but one was filled with zucchini and tofu, one with mushroom and tofu, mushroom and zucchini aaaaand so one~ They were really good.

~.:. ☆ .:.~

What I've done today, well, planted flowers, went to jog, lifted heavy pots. Oh, btw, tomorrow I'm finally continuing my driving lessons and after that I'll get my hair dyed (just the root growth).Next Monday I should already be in Oulu and I'm wondering how I'll get there when the buses isn't moving than on Friday and Sunday. I changed the student card so that I could get 50 % off from the buss ticket. It was meant to be changed last year, but I never got it done. ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ
I also wish I've time to visit in Helsinki this summer. Last time I went there was. . . last year in September i guess. Only couple days, 'cause it was school at that time. 10 hour in a train plus 2 hours in the car, alone. Oh those memories. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Aaanyways. Off to bed so that I can wake up early tomorrow !

Oh and btw, do you guys have any plans for this summer? Or do you ever make any? ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


  1. "(I still eat _wish_ like salmon and tuna wish)"

    Olkoon vaan typo, mutta kerranki aika ihana typo!

  2. Nath: Ei elämä minun kanssa. 8'D Pitäis varmaan lukea joskus läpi nämät englannin osuudet. Mutta hyvä että joku aina huomauttaa ! :'')