Friday, February 25, 2011

Daydreaming Do want-list

Voisin näin ajan tappamiseksi (koska olen kipeä) tehdä pienen haave-listan, mitä haluaisin tulevalle keväälle/kesälle. Tai miksei vaikka muulloinki. ヘ( ̄ー ̄)ノ

For killing time (cause I'm ill) I could do a little list about thing that I want (daydream) for next spring/summer. Or why not otherwise.


For long time image of these kind of dresses have been knowing my back of the head. Cause I have really dark clothes and it's rare that there's a piece of clothing that is something else than black, dark purple or something else.
Especially light tunic have been catching my eye in stores etc. but I haven't had any other clothes which would match with light color. Nor any money to buy them. \(_ _;)/


Sounds good; cute, loose, printed, dressy like, peculiar shape of cutting. The black&white is Innocent World's dolly dress(?), the black one is Alexander Mcqueen's design and the British-styled thing is some random (cool) shirt. I would need sleeves over my hands and long enough to be more like a dress. Though the sleeve's length depends what kind of shirt it would be.


Lacethights♥ and patterned ones. I have been searching them like.... forever. Almost bought one, but didn't and dunno why.

High-waist jeans/shorts or jumpsuit. They're shouting for me. Nothing else to say.
And who wouldn't love shoes ? ( ̄ー ̄)But it's really a pity that I can't walk in heels that don't have anything else than some ribbons keeping them in feet. You know. Hard to explain but I have flatfeet, in other words my ankles are turned inward.

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