Monday, December 26, 2011

Very Merry Christmas

Joulukuun alku
The early December

Joulu tuli ja meni. Joulukuu meni koulun kanssa. En olis uskonu lukion viimisen vuoen siltikkään olevan näin vauhdikas. Tai ei vauhdikas, vaan kovatöinen. Lomapäivät on pidetty ja pitäis alkaa lukemaan kirjotuksiin ja tehä lukusuunnitelma. Näin aluksi matikan ja englannin täytteinen.
Mutta eniweis. Halusin tänä jouluna kokkeilla tehä oman piparitaikinan ja kotoa kaapin uumenista löytyy kotilieden Pieni Piparkakkukirja, josta löytyy monenlaisia ohjeita niin perinteisiä kuin uusiaki.

Christmas came and went. The whole beginning of December went with school stuff, and that's why I haven't been blogging recently. The last year of secondary of high school is quite busy.
Last holidays have been kept, I have to start studying, even though the school starts not until the 9th day of January. I need to start studying for the final exams. (;-_-) =3
But anyways, this Christmas I wanted to try to do selfmade gingerbreads. We have this Little Gingerbread book which contains traditional and new recipes.

Mamsellin pipareitten lisäksi tehtiin äidin kanssa mummin ohjeen perusteella valkosia pipareita. Enkelimuotilla sai ihania kuvioita, joka löyty kesällä Ivalon markkinoilta.

Besides gingerbreads I made white gingerbreads with mom, based on granny's recipe. With the shape of angel they're lovely.

Poron pää seinällä sai seki jouluvalot.
My reindeer's head got its Christmas lights.

Eve's Eve

Pienestä Piparkakkukirjasta löyty useitten pipartalojen ohjeitaki, yks niistä oli Muumitalo. Siitä tuli aika iso, ainaki 30 cm korkea ja kova savotta oli tehä. Mutta ihana siitä tuli. ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)

In the Little Gingerbread book there was also gingerbread houses' DIY guide, one of them was the Moomin house. It came out to be pretty big, about 30 cm (11.8 in) and gosh it was hard to make. But it's so cuuute.  ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)

Christmas Eve

By myself, I decorated the whole tree.I always have to do that. ( ̄ー ̄)

Jouluaatto oli perinteinen: aamupuurona riisipuuroa, päiväsauna, lepäilyä, jouluruoka (tein ittelleni tofu"kinkkua" :--D), ruokalepo ja lahjojen avaaminen, sekä loppuiltan löhöilyä.

The Christmas Eve was as ordinary as anyone's Cristmas. At the morning we ate rice porridge, we went to sauna on midday, then resting, we ate Christmas dinner (I did for myself a tofu "ham"), againg rested and in the evening we opened the gifts.

This's how I looked on that night.

blouse: flea-market
skirt: Btssb
hair accessory: handmade
Oh, btw. Uusi hamoseni, jonka ostin Terriblen sisäisistä kaupoista ja totally lovin' it. Babyn Original Alice Playing Cards-printti. En kiljahtanu ilosta en, kun se tuli postissa.

I'm wearing my new skirt~ I bought it from the Finnish lolita forum Enfant Terrible and I seriously love it.  If you don't recognize it, it's Baby's Original Alice Playing Cards-print. I almost freaked out when the baggage came to my mail.

Christmas Day

While we were at the dinner.

blouse: flea-market (H&M)
skirt: Btssb
necklace clock: mom's

Oli pakko laittaa sama hame() kun mentiin perinteiselle jouluruualle mummolaan minne koko suku oli taas kokoontunu.

Yeeees. I'm wearing the same skirt. I wanted to dress up because we went with the whole family for a dinner at my granny's and grandpa's house. There was also many of my relatives. Every year we go to there to eat Christmas dinner.

Kaikkia varmaan kiinnostaaki :--D mutta pittäähän sitä perusbloggaajana, kuten kaikki muutki, esitellä teille lahjat mitä sain.

I'm sure that nobody really cares what I got for presents :--D But anyways - as a blogger - I want to show you guys these things.

Vasemmalta oikealle: Finlandia marmeladeja, Fazerin suklaata, peltirasia jonka kannessa on Kustav Klimtin "The Kiss"-maalaus, The Body Shopin Cranberry joy lip balm-huulivoidetta, The Body Shopin Pink grapefruit-suihkugeelin, H&M:n Black vanilla-hajuveden, Maatuskanukke-kuvioinen kangaspussi (joka menee sopivasti puhelimen pussukaksi), Kasvimaa ruukuissa-kirja ja Foalsin Antidotes- ja Total Life Forever-albumit.

From right to left: Fazer's jellies marmelad, Fazer's chocolate, canister with Kustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss" on its deck, The Body Shop's Cranberry joy lip balm, The Body Shop's Pink grapefruit shower gel, H&M's Black vanilla eau de toilette, a purse with Russian dolls, a book about growing vegetables in pots and Foals' Antidotes and Total Life Forever albums.

Iittalan Satumetsä-astiastosta ison kulhon ja kolme pienempää...

Three smaller bowls and one bigger from Iittala's Satumetsä set...

... sekä H&M:n aamutakin.
... and H&M's bathrobe.  

Toivotan teillekin kaikille hyvää (vähän myöhäistä) Joulua ja Uuden Vuoden odotusta!

I wish you all very merry Christmas, maybe little late and have a good last days of this year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Illustration trouble

Pahimman maalausinspiraation iskiessa hoksaan, ettei mulla olekaan ajatusten purkamiseen välineitä, kuten vaikkapas kangastaulua öljyväreille, saati että sellasen vois ees ite pikasesti väsässä.
Viikko oottaa että pääsis Ouluun, ja sieltä jos ehkä kerkiää, ostais ison ison taulupohjan. Ehkä useammanki. Ainakaan ei loppuis kesken.
Juu ja 1. päivä joulukuuta ! ♥ Olettako avannu ensimmäisen luukun?

Having the worst painting inspiration at the moment and I noticed that I don't have the materials for it (does it sound familiar?), for example the painting base for oil paints. Neither do I have the materials to build one myself.
Still a week to get to Oulu and maybe if I'm able to, I'll buy one or two painting bases. Then I wouldn't run out of them right away.
Also it's the 1st December !  ♥ Did you open the first window of ur Christmas calendar?

pic from tumblr

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Red Drama

jacket: vintage
top: flea-market
jeans: Vila
jewelries: Kalevala Koru, vintage

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Another exam week's going through right now. I've only English and France tests left. Bonjour, je m'appelle Rosalia, j'habite à La Finlande et ainsi de suite. Lol, can't speak really well.

Anyways. It has been raining snow ! Since yesterday and I was actually quite surprised how happy I was at that time. I honestly hate winter, but winter rather with snow, than without.
I know I should be reading for the exams, but I got this crazy inspiration to do my kuvataidediplomi (kinda like Arts diploma, don't know the right name for it). Whole day I've been in the garage and honing the bones what dad brought from hunting trip this autumn.

I'm using moose horns for the actual jewelry what I'm making. I also got moose teeth which from I'm gonna make earrings. I think they look quite beautiful.

The moose theet

To hone the horns, I'm using belt sander which is pretty easy to use. It's dusty job. My clothes was all covered in dust and smell was just awful so I kept respirator on my face.

The white bone in the middle is elk's bone.

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

On Tuesday me and my friend went to Rovaniemi, 'cause we had a holiday on that day. Our intention was to go to as many flea-markets as possible and managed in that. Besides flea-markets we  also went to the normal stores like Seppälä, Gina Tricot etc.
I'm happy noticing that I'm not interested anymore in the normal store's clothing. My garment shopping "madness" is dropping down. I think I've enough clothes, actually too much and I try to invent what to do to the ones that I don't use anymore. I try to benefit from the by recycling them somehow.
Maybe I do panties from them like they did in the PS. show lol. :---D

Anyways. These things I found.
In the pic under is working spray bottle.

From Varastotien Kirppis at Rovaniemi. 2 €.
God I love these boots. Also from Varastotien Kirppis.

Lace tubescarf. From Tuhat Tori at Rovaniemi.
Days after that long trip (we woke up like at 6 a.m. that there wouldn't be many cars on their way and went home late in the evening) I could not care less about make-up, hair or clothes. I've been really tired this whole end of the week and have been sleeping and reading for the tests.

So so natural. omg.
Before Father's Day I was painting in the light of the candles and listened to Oddarrang. It was quite nice.

Friday, November 11, 2011

halloween, candles & enchanting inspiration

On some recent days I've been lazy with my outfits, and I've only tossed something to wear (but some of them have been quite unusual in my 'normal' clothing, but I haven't took any pics from them). And I think it's kinda late to do a Halloween post anymore. (∩_∩;)
We did have a parties with couple of friends, but nothing special. Same as every year and still as fan as always !
We played Party Alias, poker and Twister, went to sauna and for a walk in the middle of night. That was kinda creepy experience.

Last weekend I was at Ivalo for the church on Saturday. I don't know if there's a name for the specific happening at the church, but here we go on All Hallows' Day to church and light a candle for the member of the family who has died during the past year between All Hallows' Days. Did I explain it difficulty?
Anyways. Granny's name was were read and we lighted a candle for her in front of the altar.
At that moment I really missed her. I actually can't still realize that there's anymore no grandma, her buns or her meatballs (even though I'm vegetarian).
Candles has also been burning in my room. I haven't used lamps for a while now (because some of my chandelier's lamps has burned and I haven't found same kind of light bulb to replace them, as the three others).

But, you know what? I'm totally madly in love with Foals' music. Indie rock band from Oxford. I know what I'll wish from Santa.
And you know what else? There's still no snow here. In friggin Lapland. Tourism industry suffers badly from it. Levi's alpine ski world cup was canceled from lack of the snow.
I'm afraid, 'cause the winter is "late", in the spring the snow won't go away even before Midsummer.

So here's some inspiration photos for the dark nights of November.

from here

visit here

every picture is from tumblr unless otherwise is mentioned
pics from tumbrl; more specifically sources unknown

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nature, like for real?

Nature, are you kidding me ? Soon it'll be November and outside looks like it's only September !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

♠ Meeting great ppl & having fun ♠

Kuten aikasemmin sanoin että viikonloppuna on Oulussa miitti ja nyt sitte mulla on sieltä kuvia !
Lauantaina meitä siis kokoontu Rotuaarin pallon edustalle 13 henkeä itse kukin mihinkin aikaan ja ooteltiin Katri Antellin eessä jotain puol tuntia, että päästäisiin kahvilaan sisälle meille varattuihin pöytiin.
Miitin järjesti Hone Terriblestä, että iso kiitos hänelle.

As I said in the post before that I'd go to a meet up to Oulu on the other weekend, now I've photos from there to show you !
On Saturday there was 13 of us who gathered front of the ball of Rotuaari's and waited that we could go inside of Katri Antell-cafe where we had tables reserved for us. All of this was organized by Hone from Enfant Terrible, so thanks to her.

Sillä aikaa ku me ootima tuossa edustalla nii huomas kuinka moni tuijotti. Hetken mielijohteesta vilkutinki yhelle nuorisoporukalle joka kulki ohi ja ihan avoimesti tölläs ja joku tais vilkuttaa takasinki.
Yksi vanha nainen tuli kehumaan meitä upeista asuista ja ykski naikkonen tuli sanomaan suurinpiirtein näin "Onnea hänelle joka rantautuu avioliiton satamaan, mutta saanko ottaa kuvan,--" jnejne ja otti pari kuvaa. Siinä sitten Cinnamonhusky ja Kaichi olivat aviopari ja päätimmä sanoa seuraavalle vitsikkäälle kysyjälle että kyseessä on lesbohäät ! Ariisa toimisi pappina ja Janjan oli anoppi.  (;≧∇≦) =3

While we were waiting many people stared us very openly. I even waved to one youngster group and someone of them waved back.
One old lady stared us for a moment and then came to say how nice outfits we had and one woman approached to us with a camera and said something like this (in Finnish of course) "Congratulations to her who reaches the land of marriage, but can I take a photo of you,--" etc. and she took couple of pics of us.
We decided that then the couple would be Cinnamonhusky and Kaichi, and that there are coming lesbian weddings if someone other would ask about our outfits as bachelor costumes ! Ariisa would be the priest and Janjan would be mother-in-law.  (;≧∇≦) =3

Me & Sonyami.
Finally at the café ! I ate rye bread with filling and sachercake but forgot to take pic from the cake ! That's so my style.
Nalle, Diacura & Kaichi
Group picture who took Sonyami so that's why she is not in it.
Girls going. They looked so good while standing and waiting for the lights to turn green !
And then, thanks to Kaichi who shot a photo of my outfit. Here it is: Oh, and that's the dress I made !
blouse: offbrand (Vero Moda)
dress: selfmade
belt: offbrand (Seppälä)
bag, pearls: vintage
jewelries: Alchemy Gothic
heels: flea-market
jacket: offbrand (Vila)
fur: vintage
umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl
In this last photo I've umbrella with because I would so much wanted to take it with me to the city, but it was tooooo shiny even for the possibility of rain. (≧∇≦)
Soon I'll post more things that I bought from Oulu and from the sewing project itself~ !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Couple of purchases & one mysterious thing

Sori pienestä hiljasuudesta~ Koeviikko oli ja meni, sekä kaikkea muuta hauskaa on ollu tehtävänä, eikä mitään sen kummempaa ole tullu vastaan joka olis postaamisen arvosta.
Kuitenkin, tuossa joku aika sitten selaisen egl-salesia ja sieltä hyppäs silmille sellainen ihana aika musta mekko, jossa on leveä kaula-aukko, aukinaiset hihat jotka on parilla nauhalla kiinni toisissaan. Ei kyllä kuvasta selvästi näy, mutta joskus tuletta saamaan tarkempia kuvia kenties asukokonaisuutena.

Sorry of the little silence here in my blog~ Exams has already been and I've been in a hurry and done lots of thing, but any of those hasn't been something to post about.
Anyways, couple weeks ago I was browsing egl-sales and this dress that I bought caught my eye. It's quite simple black OP, but the sleeves are cut open, and are tied together with ribbons. (It's hard to me explain it in English.) Someday I'll post more detailed pictures from the dress.

dress bought from pchhht @ lj

Sateisen syksyn takia päätin tilata Sisustus Laventelista ihanaisen sateenvarjon (jota olen ettiny vaikka mistä, mutta muualta ei ole löytyny) ja se tuli myös eilen, kuten mekkoki. Tai no sateinen ja sateinen, täällä tuli tänäpänä lunta !

Because of the rainy autumn (it actually rained snow already in here) I decided to by a black frilly umbrella which I found from Sisustus Laventeli. I've been searching for a long umbrella with frills. It also came yesterday, as did the dress.

Lisbeth Dahl umbrella from Sisustus Laventeli

Myös tällee randomina löysin 'tälläinen meikki oli tänään'-kuvan ja ajattelin julkassa sen koska itestä tuntuu/tuntu, että tällöin meikki onnistu hyvin.

randomly found from camera
Vielä randomimpana asiana tuo "mysterious thing" on tämä. Tai tämä on pieni osa sitä, eli epämääräinen möykky kangasta ja vetoketju nuppineulojen kanssa.
Kangas löyty Rovaniemellä sijaitsevasta Signe-kaupasta. Kaavat olen jälleen kerran miltei kokonaan vetäny päästäni. Ompelusta itestään postaan vasta viikonlopun jälkeen ku haluan pitää lopputuloksen salassa. Ai miksikä? Nokun viikonloppuna on Oulussa loli meet up jonne tuon väsäsin~

So. The "mysterious thing" is this. A pile of fabric and zipper with pins. I won't show you what it became in the end, 'cause I want keep it as a secret. After all I'll be going to Oulu this weekend and there's a lolita meet up where I'm going to wear this.
I'll be posting of the sewing project itself after the weekend.

Now I'm heading to bed. So good night and see ya~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decor-thingy & black outfit

Yesterday I was out on town with my mom and time to time I've gotten more courage to wear lolita on town. I'm careful because it's a small place and you won't never know what will happen.  Some guys at my home village are already used to days when I'm dressed up in lolita/gyaru/mori.
But night before that, I slept so badly that I was so freaking tired at town.()´д`()
Anyways. I bought some make-up, new headphones and art & crafts things.
Here's the outfit.

shirt: gina tricot
skirt: bodyline
bag, cloves: vintage from 70's
heels: belt: flea-market
necklace: giveaway prize by HajaMiel

But what do you think? Is this lolita/-ish enough?

·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

Guess what has gotten on my wall?

Don't shock.

This reindeer's end of story I don't know, but my friend found the skull ones in the forest. She brought it to me last summer and last weekend I cleaned it.
I used mix of chlorite and water to brush and wash it. Then rinsed it with water and left it dry overnight.
Then it got hanging on my wall.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hat accessory

Couple days ago I made a hat accessory, after having a huge inspiration from Victorian- and Edwardian-styled hats.
I made it removable that I could take it off (of course) or to add it on some other hat.
(But I have to figure out what kind of attachment would be good on it. Like pin, safety pin or what.)

The feathers are surely of a female black grouse.
All the feathers are picked up from nature, or somewhere else. Any birds have not been killed for just to get the feathers.

This is from a ring that got broken now some time ago. It has only been waiting the time to get used on something.

These I used: 1. Very thin tulle for the, 2. feathers of course, 3. scissors, 4. string & needle, 5. glue.
One that is not in the photo and what I used, was a straightener. The feathers are bended with it. But you should be careful not to heat them too much and you must bend them one section at time, because they'll look square if you won't.
For the base I used thick felt (also not in the photo), which on I glued the feathers and left it try for a night.  After this I sewed the tulle on it by hand and for last I added the jewelry (also not in the photo) on.