Friday, January 9, 2015

Taking a hiatus of indeterminate length

I am announcing that from this day on, this blog will be on hiatus of indeterminate lenght.
As you can see I haven't been very active lately with blogging, after all I have been feeling that I don't have anything to blog about or what I would like to post here. I haven't had the inspiration for it.
Also I have this feeling that my blog doesn't match with the contents of my life right now. For example I haven't been wearing lolita for a while (occasionally here and there) and because it's mostly the main theme of this blog, it feels strange to post about something else.
My style is changed alot from the beginning, also I am more and more ecological consumer that nowadays I don't buy much stuff (also because I'm a poor student).
Many things have changed just in few months. I've moved in a new apartment, fell in love, sometimes feeling blue about everything and myself, had to get used to new things, I'd to give up from things that I wouldn't have wanted to.
I'm quite busy with school, I hardly have time for myself and for the things I like to do. We have different projects that takes too much time from my life.

I want to maintain this blog but I need to re-think what is it that I want to post about. I may change the appearance some day and maybe after this
notification I will get new ideas...

If you want to somehow keep up with my life follow my instragram and just for the fun my tumblr!

See you sometime!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jeffrey Campbell vs. Cloudberry Lady

I'm just gonna hop in to this mess what's going on about Jeffrey Campbell being accused of plagiarism. There is this Finnish brand called Cloudberry Lady, they make lolita clothes and accessories. They also make shoes and released bat design heels in 2013 as shown below. On the rigt you can see Cloudberry Lady's shoes, on the left Jeffrey Campbell's version.

Please reblog the original tumblr post!
Cloudberry Lady shoes

Cloudberry Lady has two kind of variations from the shoes. Picture above you can see difference of the heel part.
I'm making this post I guess because I've heard some ppl say "what's the big deal, bats are very used theme". Weeeeell maybe, but not like this. You can see how much similarities there is between JC's and CL's shoes.

Let me show some examples with the same idea:

Peak Shane Battier shoe

Iron Fist 'Hellraiser'
Miss Bunny Bat shoes
AND SO ON..... But my point is JC could have made them a LITTLE BIT different rather than as obvious copies.

Also Cloudberry Lady has announced that they could have sold the design to JC if they just would have asked!
If you want the original bat shoes, send an e-mail to . You can choose the color and the material of the shoes and they will be made for your exact shoe size!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pretty strawberries

On Monday we visited my grandma and grandpa to help them a little. It was really nice weather to burn some branches and old hay. Boy did I smell awful afterward but on the bright side mosquitos didn't bother us at all in the smoke.
But now it's raining. A lot. Yesterday with my father, we managed to paint only a part of the front garden's porch. We were going to continue today but it's too moist air.

Grandma came to mind that they had many new strawberry seedlings and told me to take some with me which made me more than happy.
At my home, we don't have that kind of ground that they would come along by themselves. So I planted them to these baskets. Later I moved them under the roof that they wouldn't drown from the rain.

Hoooo... Soon it's Animecon in Kuopio and Kaoru Mori is there as a Guest of Honor! I really can't wait to see her and get her autograph! I remember when "Emma" was available on the stores, but I was too young to understand how good it was. Nowadays I've collected the Bride's Story series.
See you there! (●⌒∇⌒●)